Why is the natural abnormal?

Why is the natural abnormal?

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In our society, something that some people perceive as abnormal, worse strange, disgusting or perverted. It is with such opinions that breastfeeding women can often meet, especially those who decide to feed a child still after the first birthday.

Whose breasts?

Why is this happening? Because many people perceive breasts as something "sexual", hence so many negative opinions about prolonged breastfeeding. This is understandable in part, but let's not forget that we are mammals and Mother Nature equipped us with "milkweed" not only to please men, because they are not only from the parade, but mainly so that we could feed offspring.

Do you feed for a long time? Then explain yourself ...

Many women who have no children can not imagine breastfeeding for a long time, but simply because do not know about lactation (and this is understandable in contrast to women who are mothers).

However, motherhood should prompt every woman to deepen knowledge in this topic. Professional literature, expert statements, reports of specialists and scientists who have devoted years of research to this issue clearly state that the longer the breastfeeding, the more benefits for the baby.

Unfortunately, in everyday life a woman who consciously decides to breastfeed, especially the longer is perceived as abnormal and despite the fact that he does the right thing for a child, it often happens that she is embarrassed and must explain herself.

Long feeding is natural

It's so natural and normal… .

What is abnormal is that the mother wants to deliver to the child valuable ingredientswhich can in no way be replaced? Is it strange that the mother wants to provide the child with natural food most appropriate for its species, healthiest, containing thousands of active ingredientsthat have non-nutritional value and cannot be produced through the technological process?

Is this abnormal? No! This is not abnormal, I will say more Extraordinary!

What is strange?

It is sadthat people say no! Some people's approaches are incomprehensible they prefer to give the baby a cow's milk for calves or an artificially made mixture and they think this is normal than their own baby milk, which they think is strange.

A person who insults or negates long-feeding mothers she simply has deficiencies in the topic of lactation and it's big, because if a mother knows all the pros of breastfeeding, she will definitely want to give the baby the benefit of natural feeding as long as possible.

The scary fact is, as it is now you may not have basic knowledge on one of the major parenting topics. You don't have to read tons of lactation books, all you need is a minimal desire to get to know the topic and everything can be understood. We live in an era where access to literature, guides, newspapers, brochures, articles and the Internet is everywhere, all you need is a little willingness and commitment. That's all to stop wondering at the normal.

Up to a year or longer?

Many mothers sets a maximum limit for breastfeeding until the child is one year oldbecause they are concerned that longer feeding will expose them to ridicule and malicious comments. When the child is one year old, however, they do not see or feel any contraindications to weaning them at this moment. What's next?

As I wrote above, they should have a big impact on every decision scientifically based research that recommends long breastfeeding and guarantees that it is a natural, normal and even required process.

The authority of breastfeeding women should be large organizations WHO / UNICEF or AAP, not "bottled mothers" who do not know the basics of lactation.