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When is the sale of children's clothes?

When is the sale of children's clothes?

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The December sales frenzy is yet to come. However, the hot period in stores continues at its best. Sellers are unlikely to complain about the lack of interest among customers who are particularly active and remain vigilant. Christmas is finally coming ...

Sales in chain stores winter 2013

This year, many stores do not have to wait for the holiday season for attractive promotions. The sales are already starting or will be available in a few days. Not all store employees want to share information when clothes will be available at lower prices. For various reasons, for example, to encourage frequent visits or for a very prosaic reason ... they do not know themselves when the goods will be available for purchase at the most bargain price, and they will learn about the sale on a given day, coming to work or possibly two days earlier "From headquarters".

For you, I traced the offer of several stores, made a few calls and here's what I was able to determine.

H&M sale 2013

Sales have already begun on the H&M network. Winter clothes can be bought in some stores at very bargain prices, among them there are even proposals for 5 or 10 zlotys. However, for the real craze, according to the news, we will have to wait a few more days. However, if you are planning pre-Christmas shopping, it is worth going to this store this week. There is already plenty to choose from!

Zara sale 2013

We can expect sales in Zara after Christmas, around 27.12. This was the case in previous years and I received such information about anticipated sales by contacting the company's employees.

It is worth to be patient, because the store will certainly be hot, and crowds will effectively verify our time capabilities.

C&A sale 2013

When we go to C&A, we still have to wait for the sale. The first pieces, noteworthy, we will receive at lower prices in mid-December, but the real sale in the store will start around Christmas.

Reserved Kids sale 2013

The sale is already underway: at a promotional price (reduced by up to 50%) we will receive jackets, pants, tights, sweatshirts. However, this is still an offer of encouragement. We can expect more promotion soon after Christmas.

Smyk, Cool Club sale 2013

Sales are carried out on a regular basis. During a short conversation I received information that prices in the online store may be the same as stationary in showrooms, but they may differ. Salons can offer higher prices for products that can be obtained online at lower prices. In addition, unity does not have to be between the offers of individual showrooms in several cities. From here, in Krakow, we can buy the same thing cheaper, and in Warsaw, more expensive, and vice versa.

In addition, by using online shopping, you can collect ordered goods at empik stores. Order processing is instant, the package can be picked up quickly and returned in case of a problem.

5. 10.15 sale 2013

Currently, in 5 10 15 stores, we will receive baby underwear 30% cheaper. The individual reductions apply to children's sets, dresses and pants, and for older children to blouses, hats and pants and pants. There are no more promotions, the real sale will start at the end of December and will probably last until mid-January, when the clothes from the winter collection will be the cheapest.

Coccodrillo sale 2013

By December 15, we will receive a 20% discount on selected products for children. The sale is already on the website, interesting rompers, body or clowns can be obtained for about 15-20 PLN. However, if someone is planning shopping, it is worth hurrying the remaining last sizes.

We will have to wait until the second half of January for really big discounts (up to -70%). This is how sales are supposed to start, according to our informants (:)).

Do you buy at sales? Are you planning shopping this year?