Cheapest shopping for children

Cheapest shopping for children

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Where to shop for children We present the weekly shopping list.


  • BoboVita milk-rice porridge for children in Real at a price of 7.69 PLN per pack.
  • Hipp dishes for children pack a jar at the price of 6.89 PLN in Real
  • BoboVita desserts for children in the Real for PLN 3.99.
  • Hipp baby tea bottle 300 ml for PLN 4.99 in Real
  • Nestle Nan Pro modified milk for children junior after 1 year 800g price 33.99 in Carrefour
  • Enfamil modified baby milk 800g for the price of 44.99 at Super-Pharm + a free brush
  • Hipp fruit desserts for children 125g for the price of 3.49 at Super-Pharm
  • Hipp dishes for children 250g for the price of 6.99 with a LifeStyle card at Super-Pharm

Hygienic products:

  • Pampers baby diapers Mega Pack in Real at a price of 84.99 for different types
  • Huggies baby wet wipes in Real at a price of 25.99 for a collective pack of 6 × 64
  • Lovela washing powder or milk for 36.99 in Real stores
  • Happy diapers different types for babies in Auchan for the price of 37.99 per Big Pack
  • Pamper diapers various pack sizes in Carrefour for 38.99, Pamper Maxi Pack in Super-Pharm for 39.99 different sizes
  • Johnson's Baby Shampoo 250ml Foam Hair in Super-Pharm at a price of 11.49
  • Johnson's Baby hair shampoo with a 500ml pump for 12.99 at Super-Pharm
  • Nivea Baby baby wipes pack for 6.99 or duopack for 11.99 at Super-Pharm with LifeStyle card
  • Nivea Baby selected baby body care products 50ml-250ml for 9.99 at Super-Pharm
  • Penaten in the Super-Pharm network for child's body care 20% cheaper


  • Metal sleds in the Real for 29.95
  • Nuk at Super-Pharm offers all soothers for babies 20% cheaper
  • MAM Anti-Colic 0+ bottle with teat 260ml, Trainer 6+ training bottle with mouthpiece at Super-Pharm we will pay 19.99 / piece with a LifeStyle card
  • Acrylic blanket 80X110 (two types) for 49.99 in Net
  • A set of children's flannel bedding (HelloKity or Toy cars motifs) for 64.99 in Netto stores


  • Baby bodysuits, various sizes in Real for 5.99
  • Magic pet slippers in the Net different types for 24.99