Traveling with a child - a competition

Traveling with a child - a competition

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Dear Parents,

holidays and travel time with children. Already, many of us are starting to think about holidays, planning holidays and deciding on ways to reach the chosen destination. We take into account not only our own desires, but whether we are going to have fun with children where we leave. The opinion of the strictest reviewers is, after all, very important.

To make the journey longer and shorter just a pleasure, we've prepared an inspiring competition for you.

Competition task

The competition task is to answer two questions (below: step 1 and 2).

The competition answer should have a maximum of 2000 characters with spaces.

Worlds Apart Go Glow Lamp
Prize in the competition

How to facilitate a trip with a child?

  • first step: share three valuable ideas on how to make traveling with your child easier,
  • step two: Choose from the MiniTraper store offer three products that would help you travel with your child and justify your choice.

Please send competition responses to the e-mail address [email protected] with the note "Travel with a child". Don't forget to sign with your name.

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from January 13 to January 27 until midnight.

Barbapapa rubber jumper prize in the competition


In the competition, we will award three people who will give the most interesting answers. Winners will be sent one of the following three prizes funded by the store.

  • Barbo Toys Barbapapa rubber jumper horse - pumped animal ideal for jumping and active fun. Playing with a rubber jumper has similar benefits as gymnastic ball, supports harmonious development and gives a lot of joy. The set includes a pump for multiple pumping. After playing, you can release air from the jumper and transport it comfortably.
  • Worlds Apart Lamp Go Glow 2in1 - an interesting lamp that you can take without any problems on a journey and which will also work every day at home. The lamp has an interesting shape, which makes it easier to grasp and move around at night, especially in a room that is not fully known.
  • Hoppop Original Bag and high chair 2in1 - very practical bag-chair. It is capacious: 114 liters, has one thermal insulation pocket and a changing mat. The seat has three-point seat belts and a wide crotch strap.

Hoppop - bag high chair 2 in 1
Prize in the competition

The competition regulations are available here.

We encourage everyone to participate in the fun!

Celebrate the portal's second birthday with us!

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