Public breastfeeding - what's the big deal?

Public breastfeeding - what's the big deal?

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"-Granny, what is this baby doing?
- Drinks milk from mommy.
"And if mommy gives him the other hand, will he drink tea?"

Probably every mother having the opportunity to feed her child in a public place met with such or similar situations. Some of them amaze us, others laugh or surprise. But there are also those that can lead us to tears or deeper thoughts - "maybe there is something in it?"

Store, park, playground ... you never know when our little ones will start to demand a hug or breastfeed. We, as mothers, must be in full readiness to feel that we have done our best to make babies live on this side of the tummy as well as possible, so we sit on the nearest bench and fulfill the baby's wish with the overwhelming thought that we are doing well, by the time ...

Once an old lady will pass us, who will stop and smile at the sight of a sweet slurping baby, other times an old gentleman who will look with dislike and great indignation. During these many looks, we will also be surprised by the eyes of the elderly, who will be thinking with great interest what is the point of the male part of the world, which will devour us with thoughts flowing from the perspective of the body, not the needs of the nursing mother. So how are we supposed to do so many different reactions around us?

Each mother is different, each perceives herself and her body in a different way. The first ones feed babies in various situations, the others hide behind the little ones in the corners, because that's how they find peace and lose embarrassment. But as a society whose significant part of us has come or will struggle with the toddler hanging by our breasts, we should respect both forms, and as a mother we should be proud of ourselves above all else. Despite such publicizing of the topic by all monthlies for mothers, for some people public feeding is tantamount to the exposure of mothers - for us, comparing these two issues is obviously paradoxical, but inevitable.

One of the shortcomings in relation to motherhood in Poland is the lack of facilities for mothers with prams, chairs in cafes, changing tables in toilets, and finally with places to calmly feed the baby without risking thousands of looks. From generation to generation, we are amazed at the progress in technology, automotive, electronics, and today even in parenting and upbringing, and although we are moving forward and manifesting our needs, there are still people who stand still and for whom our needs are unimaginable today and the impassable border someday.

One could debate indefinitely about themes of generational differences, but that is not the point. The problem is to find a golden mean between resourcefulness, upbringing and this unfortunate, according to others, feeding, and not adapting to the rules that dictate our lives today.

This medicine for all evil can be baby diaper, put through the baby's head so that it covers the part of the body that raises such controversial emotions or for others simply turning their heads away.

Author of an article with a son

The mother's role is stressful - though desirable it is stressful anyway. We imperceptibly complicate it with our own trifles that creep into our everyday life, which feeding has become since the birth of the child.

Ordinary everyday life for some is something unheard of for others, and maybe that's where unhealthy human curiosity comes from? As moms, we need to show angelic patience with children, a good way would be to translate it into adults and their immature approach to the world. Sleeplessness, stress, distraction - all this makes us often irritable and quite impulsive, so let's try not to translate it into criticism of others. Let's be glad that we do what we love and what belongs to us, and all the rest does not matter.

People have always had to deal with the environment and unhealthy comments. We would love to, but unfortunately it is known from the dawn of time that human nature cannot be changed. We must learn to live with them and understand that not for every norm, or the guidelines they set are the same.

Life has not always been easy - life with a child has become even more complicated. We will often encounter an unwanted situation. I often hear strange comments when I feed Xavier on the bench, unfortunately I am discriminated against because of my 17 years, yet I find strength to fight it and give strength to fight others.

I proudly breastfeed ... and you?