Baby clothes Ewa Klucze

Baby clothes Ewa Klucze

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Parents who come to complete the layette often ask: why do children's clothes have such a cosmic price? After the first annoying exits to the store, they look for other, cheaper options. They often find them in Polish, less known brands, available in local, small shops or at online auctions. Is it worth it

Ewa Klucze is a producer present on the market for several years (since 1998). It offers good-quality clothes for medium-demanding parents who value attractive products at good prices. The offer mainly includes clothes for babies and small children.

How is the quality?

Ewa Klucz's clothes can be forwarded. The siblings take them out, but these are not "unbreakable" things, hence the most demanding will not be liked. In addition, they tend to converge in washing (the manufacturer recommends washing at 40 degrees, this can be a problem, because many competitive products can be washed at 60 degrees).

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