Elmex children's paste

Elmex children's paste

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Elmex children's toothpaste enjoys very good opinions among parents.

It is intended for children from birth to six years. It was created specifically for cleaning milk teeth.

Basic advantages:

  • Mild, almost imperceptible taste
  • contains aminofluoride, thanks to which it additionally hardens the immature enamel of children's teeth, creates a special layer of protective calcium fluoride on the tooth surface,
  • makes teeth more resistant to mineral loss under the influence of caries acids,
  • it foams well
  • a comfortable, colorful tube,
  • good performance
  • taste without fruit aroma - less risk of children swallowing the paste,
  • 500 ppm fluorine content

Why does this paste enjoy such good reviews?

Because it has no taste and there is little risk that your child will want to eat it. In addition, it contains aminofluoride, which further strengthens tooth enamel.

It works and we recommend it!

Price: around PLN 12