Amazing air umbrella that uses the "force field" of air

Amazing air umbrella that uses the "force field" of air

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A team of Chinese designers has invented a new type of umbrella that protects two people from rain without a special canopy.

Scientists who created the prototype at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics from July 2012 to August 2013 are currently working on improving it.

The umbrella weighs less than a kilogram, works with the motor and fan and is powered by a lithium battery. The fan creates a cycle of air flowing through the tip of the umbrella, which allows the "drops" of rain, protecting around people.

Unfortunately, just like with a classic umbrella, here too, if the umbrella is used in strong winds, it becomes useless.

There is another disadvantage. The umbrella must be charged - about 30 to 60 minutes before using it. The originators believe that raising money for the development of the project will allow them to improve the "life" of the device and its convenience of use.

If everything goes their way, the product will hit the market in December 2015.

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