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Broccoli for children - eat already during pregnancy and serve from 6 months of age!

Broccoli for children - eat already during pregnancy and serve from 6 months of age!

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You don't earn much money on health. If that were the case, we would see broccoli everywhere - on posters, leaflets, billboards. There is nothing to delude yourself that in the near future we will see broccoli advertising on TV. Unfortunately ... It would be unprofitable for large corporations that like to earn from illness and weak immunity of the child, telling us that all good things can be found in pills or syrups.

Let us not be deceived that what children eat does not matter. It is worth that broccoli appear in the toddler's menu as often as possible.

Broccoli belong to the plants of brassica families. In recent years, they have gained recognition mainly because of reports of their anti-cancer effect.

Vegetables are supposed to show preventive action, as well as support the treatment of already diagnosed cancers. A study of over 5,000 women with breast cancer between the ages of 20-75 years showed that consumption of about 150 grams of broccoli per day (that's how much a glass of blanched broccoli, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts weighs) significantly increases the survival chance of women diagnosed with breast cancer. It brings the best results in this respect eating raw or semi-cooked broccoli. Soft and overcooked broccoli are the least valuable.

How to buy broccoli?

As with all vegetables, also for broccoli, it is important to choose green, compact vegetables, good quality. Yellowish or with overly developed buds they are no longer good, they can even be bitter.

Let's not overcook

The most delicious are broccoli in semi-raw version. Then they are also most appetizing, because they do not lose their vivid green color. More importantly, however, they don't get rid of their valuable properties. During prolonged cooking, the anti-cancer properties of broccoli disappear in large amounts of water.

How to cook broccoli?

How to cook broccoli to make it the healthiest? Just that we throw them in boiling water and cook for 3 to 5 minutes (longer if they were in the fridge before). Instead of traditional breadcrumbs and butter, broccoli can be served with sunflower or pumpkin.

When in a child's diet?

Broccoli in the form of soups and purees can be given after the child has finished six months old.

How to convince a child to broccoli? The most important serve them: in various forms, in whole, in pieces, in the form of a cream soup and ... set a good example. :)