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The 10 most popular articles on sosrodzice.pl in 2014

The 10 most popular articles on sosrodzice.pl in 2014

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Soon we will welcome the New Year. The last days of the old are time to make summaries and summaries. In this post, we would like to refer you to the most popular articles of this year - those that you most often visited, shared and commented on.

Here they are.

How do unconscious parents damage a child's immunity?

Many parents complain about the poor immunity of children. She is worried that the children are still sick, they do not want to believe the doctors that it must be so, they do not trust pharmaceutical companies that recommend dietary supplements for immunity. And rightly so. Unfortunately, this is the path to inaction and an invitation to make unknowingly mistakes.

It is worth reading how the child's immunity really develops and what affects it, please click here.

Shaken child syndrome

Children test borders in many ways and test our patience. No wonder that sometimes we get the impression that we are at the limit. Then what?

We want to reach our son or daughter, speak "to reason" and ... easily grab one's arms and shake. However, it is better not to do it. Why? Read!

What does a baby in his tummy think about?

In the third position, the video that we decided to translate for you. Many of you liked it ... You wrote that you cried, touched, smiled, because it is charming and beautiful ... Click.

10 important rules of upbringing according to Janusz Korczak

The popularity of this post is not surprising at all, what Janusz Korczak said several decades ago is still very current. It is worth introducing Korczak's principles every day, although it may not be easy ...

Come here, especially those who have not yet printed these rules and hanged in a prominent place.

What should mother teach her daughter?

How to raise a daughter so as not to limit her, but to support and let her shape her own self. That's what this article is about, which appealed to many of you, was eagerly shared on social media. Click.

Children's hysteria

Which child never got hysterical?