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Parental Corporation - who suffers the most when a parent tries to be perfect

Parental Corporation - who suffers the most when a parent tries to be perfect

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Children complete the marriage. Not everyone, but most relationships. We place great hope in them, we want them to be happy, respected, to live better. That is why we put their needs in the center: not their own, not their partner's, but the child's: a toothless baby, energetic two-year-old or resolute five-year-old. What is the effect of this?

The baby is the most important thing

We don't want to live other than with the conviction that the baby is the most important thing. We think about him when we get up and when we fall asleep, hug the child during the day and at night, we are not able to count how many kisses land on round cheeks, how often our thoughts focus on whether the toddler is hungry or him warm or well looked after.

Regardless of where we are: at home or at work, we think about one thing. About a child We shop, listing his needs - we reach for the right food products, the time spent in the children's department is extended - so that the toddler doesn't lack anything. New shoes for us? Shirt for husband? No, this is not the most important thing ...

We try to convince ourselves that nobody loses it, that it should be like that, that it's natural, we are parents after all. We repeat that this is how people live today, and people who claim differently are selfish and cannot give their children the best. We are better.

After all, we can't agree to let the children sleep "abandoned in the dark rooms" today, it's frightening, we know how it will affect their psyche. We do not agree that "they play themselves - and where is the parent?", "Get bored - how can it be" - we have to squeeze every minute to the limit, using every opportunity, stimulating, supporting development, educating. Yes you must.