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Homemade ways to catch a cold and a child's cold

Homemade ways to catch a cold and a child's cold

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A preschooler may have a runny nose even 10 times a year. The average infection lasts at least a week. This means that on average once a month for a week, the child is not full of strength. And although it is said that an untreated cold lasts 7 days and a treated week, the truth is that much can be done to make the runny nose less bothersome, and the disease does not turn into something serious. Here, home remedies for runny nose come to the rescue. Here's what to try.

Home methods for a runny nose: saline inhalations

When the runny nose and first signs of a cold begin, it is worth reaching for inhalations. Homemade nebulizations are great especially for stuffy nose and watery runny nose, they thin the deposited secretions and make expectoration more effective.

You can also use herbs (sage, chamomile) and oils (eucalyptus, pine, rosemary), but they should NOT be poured into the nebulizer, they will be used for traditional inhalation over a bowl of hot water and a towel on the shoulders.

Home methods for a runny nose: moisturizing the nasal mucosa with saline

Runny nose is the effect of irritation and drying of the nasal mucosa, which is why it is so important to use saline spray for this symptom. The product selected for the child's age will allow you to clean the nose and have a soothing effect.

Saline spray in the course of a runny nose should be used several times a day.

Raspberry juice

Real homemade raspberry juice is a great way to treat colds and colds. Raspberry juice, as our grandmothers knew very well, strengthens the body, prevents infections and treats them. It provides a mass of nutrients, vitamins and microelements.

Unfortunately, today it is quite difficult to get real raspberry juice. Looking at the labels, many products are primarily sugar water with a small addition of raspberry extract. The wheel of raspberries did not even happen ... Therefore, the best will be homemade raspberry juice, if you do not have one, you can look for the right proposals by analyzing the labels in detail.

Home methods for a runny nose: warm bath with the addition of salt / Soaking your feet in brine

Other home remedies for a runny nose?

Great effects are brought by a warm bath with the addition of salt or soaking your feet in brine. Brine baths are recommended in holiday resorts, you can experience them in SPA centers and also prepare yourself at home. They work on many levels, and help cold children clean the respiratory system, strengthen immunity and harden.

How to prepare a brine bath at home? All you have to do is reach for bath salt (Inowrocław, Ciechocińska, etc.), sea salt or other salt and pour in about 50-150 grams for every 10 liters of water. It is best to prepare the baths during the day, before noon, ideally in the morning, 2-3 times a week, they can be taken by children from 6 months of age - healthy and underweight. The bath should last from 5 to 10 minutes.

If the child has sensitive skin, starch or soda can be added to the salt bath.

The juice from the Black Elderberry

Elderberry tea and juice is an important point on the list of home remedies for runny nose. The plant has diaphoretic properties, naturally lowers temperature, has an expectorant and analgesic effect. Elderberry juice has been used for years to treat the first symptoms of a cold.

Elderberry juice is best made by yourself - collecting flowers from mid-May to July. There are also ready products on the market containing elderberry juice, but it is difficult to find a really good quality product without unnecessary additional ingredients.

Garlic butter for colds

When considering the topic of home remedies for rhinitis, it is worth considering the role of garlic butter. Garlic is a powerful antioxidant, it is also a known natural antibiotic, in addition to defeating viruses and fungi. It is also worth introducing it during the period of using antibiotics, because it will rebuild damaged intestinal microflora.

How to prepare garlic butter? We will need half a cube of butter, one large clove of garlic, one heaped tablespoon of parsley - previously finely chopped, salt, possibly thyme and pepper. The implementation is very simple. Remove butter from the fridge, crush the soft with a fork, add garlic and parsley squeezed by the Prague. Season with salt, possibly pepper and thyme. Form in a butter dish, put in the fridge. Butter is spread on bread.

Homemade chicken soup

Every housewife knows that the best home remedy for colds is chicken soup, slow cooking, boiling for several hours, using the best ingredients. Why chicken soup?

First of all, it warms up. Steam from the broth works similarly to inhalation, which is why it improves breathing and cleansing the nose. In addition, during cooking, substances that have a beneficial relaxing effect on bronchial secretions are released into the decoction, improving expectoration and cleansing of the respiratory system. In addition, broth is also vitamins that get into the decoction of meat and vegetables and in this way are consumed and assimilated, which affects the improvement of well-being and quickly adds strength.

Ginger with lemon or ginger syrup

When a cold hits us, it's worth reaching for ginger, a spice that works both preventively and curatively. Thanks to gingerol, which it contains, it has anti-inflammatory properties, facilitates the fight against the virus, and also improves the cleansing of the respiratory system.

How to prepare ginger syrup? You can read here.

Onion syrup

Homemade methods for runny nose are also onion syrup - an extremely effective way, and also cheap and easy to use. Unfortunately for many unacceptable because of the taste and smell.

Onion syrup strengthens and facilitates expectoration. Read here how to prepare it.

Linden tea

Solid tea is one of the most popular ways to treat cold and cold. Linden has warming properties, mucous compounds contained in it relieve coughing, calm and facilitate rest so necessary when the disease affects us.

Bay leaf syrup

In the topic home remedies for runny nose, it is also worth mentioning the bay leaf syrup.

To prepare it we will need:

  • 1 cup sugar,
  • half a glass of water or more when the syrup comes out thick
  • juice squeezed from one lemon
  • 10 dried bay leaves.

Pour sugar into a wide pot and mix until a brown syrup is obtained. This may take a long time, so be patient. Then pour the water very slowly and stir constantly. We add bay leaves and lemon juice and cook for 3-4 minutes, pour through a strainer into the bottle.

You can also reach for beetroot and dandelion syrup.

And what household methods for cold and cold do you recommend?