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A letter to Saint Nicholas - it's time to write it!

A letter to Saint Nicholas - it's time to write it!

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The end of November is the period when children around the world take cards, pens, crayons, paints in their hands and inform them of their dreams, desires, everyone - big and small.

Toddlers who can write, write a few words, the youngest letter to Saint Nicholas do not really write, but draw, some toddlers ask for help from parents, there are also those who prepare the letter "in secret", do not allow mom or dad to peek and parent he must demonstrate cleverness to take over at the right time ... and address him. :)

A letter to Saint Nicholas - on the windowsill, under the pillow ... in the heart

The letter to Saint Nicholas is a magical piece of paper. Located on the windowsill or tucked under the pillow - disappears. Even unwritten exists - in the hearts of children around the world. All because of the extraordinary abilities of a saint who sees everything.

Writing a letter to Saint Nicholas is a pleasure, but it can be equally lofty to put a stamp on an envelope, addressing and throwing the letter into the mailbox.

Where to send a letter to Saint Nicholas?

Here are addresses from around the world.

Which one will you choose?

Letter to Saint Nicholas - where to send?

Mikołaj has offices in several places, which is why we can address the envelope by choosing one of the addresses below:

Lapland - this is the most popular address of Saint Nicholas, to which letters began to flow for the first time in the 1920s. According to legend, it is here in Finland that your favorite saint lives on an ear-like mountain, thanks to which Santa is able to hear all the requests of children from around the world.

Here is the address of Saint Nicholas in Lapland:

Santa Claus

Arctic Circle 96930



Different address? This is the address of Saint Nicholas in Norway.


Julenissen's Postkontor Torget 4

1440 Drobak Norway

and the second one:

Julenissen and Norge

2500 Savalen


or in Germany:


An den Weihnachtsmann Weihnacht
postfiles 16798
Himmelpfort Germany

Letter to Saint Nicholas in Poland

A letter to Saint Nicholas can also be sent to an address in Poland. Santa with his helpers responds to shipments with a return address. It happens that the sender receives a small gift ...
Letters to Santa Claus,

Polish Santa's Village,

Mikołajów stop,

57-215 Silver Mountain.

The address is not accidental - this is where the village of Saint Nicholas is located, which you can visit with your children.

Read about other places where Santa's helpers are stationed in Poland - here.

When will you write a letter to Santa with your child? What form will it take?