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I always thought I would be a patient mother until ...

I always thought I would be a patient mother until ...

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... my child has attempted to dress for himself.

Here my patience has been put to the real test.

I wanted to survive her. I promised myself that I would love to look at the signs of children's independence. However, there are situations that overwhelm me ...

Effect? I bite my tongue every day and sew it on the ship thousands of times. I happen to go out of my way and stand next to me. I writhe like a snake, not to help and not interrupt the long-lasting activity, but I am patiently waiting for my child ...

  1. puts on a jacket - without help, of course ...
  2. slip in shoes and fasten each Velcro carefully. It is obvious that each strap must be arranged neatly and neatly, and on the way you have to unfasten it a few more times to be sure that it was evenly fastened before.
  3. puts on tights, trying to fit them on the feet, stretch them on the bottom and do not fall over. And finally, it turns out that the two strips were at the front and you need to start the operation again.
  4. put shoes on ... his hands and make beautiful marks for half an hour of previously washed floor,
  5. will check if today the left shoe fits the right foot,
  6. he will put on his dungarees and jacket, and then call out to pee
  7. he thinks the hat is under pressure and a change in hair style is needed
  8. he finds he can't stand his toes upright and the shoes are too tight ...

Waiting for snow because I like it when it's white. However, I am also waiting for the summer, when going out will not require so many clothes to wear.

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