Soon maternity leave will be shorter by 4 months?

Soon maternity leave will be shorter by 4 months?

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The European Commission wants compulsory 4-month leave for fathers of children in the first year of life. In practice, this means reducing the maternity leave by 4 months or extending the duration of maternity leave to 16 months.

A few days ago, a draft EU directive was presented, which mandates father's child to take paternity leave. Otherwise, the right to leave is to be forfeited.

The reason for the change is simple - professional activation of women and equalization of opportunities for women and men on the labor market. Thanks to the compulsory division of maternity leave between women and men, fathers are to be more involved in childcare. At the same time, it is to enable women to combine work and family responsibilities more easily.

However, there are plenty of opponents of the proposed changes - indicating that the proposed provision may adversely affect family stability, by collecting income for young parents (women more often take vacations due to lower earnings), and above all, new regulations will prevent independent decisions - the best from the point of view of a given family.

Under the current regulations, a mother in Poland would have the right to less than 9 months of maternity leave, the child's father could use 4 months. If he did not decide on this step, his vacation would be lost. The child's mother could not use it. If the Polish government would like to maintain the mother's right to paid paid childcare, the legislator would have to extend the right to paid leave to 16 months. Another solution is to introduce allowance for part of parental leave.

What do you think about this proposal?