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Exercises during pregnancy

Exercises during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not a period during which you are preparing to start in races or to expose the muscles of individual body parts. It is obvious. However, this does not mean that the pregnancy is about to lie down (unless your doctor tells you to) and watch TV. Good physical shape has many benefits. Thanks to the strengthened body, it is easier to go through the hardships of pregnancy, childbirth and even subsequent maternity.

Why exercise during pregnancy?

It is not about developing strength to lift heavier loads or speed, but to improve the fitness and flexibility of the body. The purpose of exercise during pregnancy is improve circulation and develop good endurance.

Exercise program for pregnancy

Many future mothers are afraid of exercising during pregnancy, so as not to harm the baby. Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that the basis in planning your effort is listening to your own body and forcing your own abilities.

If we are in good shape, exercise during pregnancy we can start immediately with the use of manual half-kilogram weights. However, if you did not exercise before pregnancy, it is recommended to start exercising without additional weight. When the opposite is true: the weights will turn out too light, you can systematically increase the load slightly.

It is important not to force the body through exercises. The following exercises with weights should not be done day by day, but 2-3 times a week for less than 30 minutes.

Read how to practice with a rehabilitation ball during pregnancy.

Warm up - march

Exercise is good to start with a short warm-up in the form of a walk. Just 30 seconds of walking in place by raising your knees high. The elbows should move as the knees move (arranged at right angles). The arms should be left relaxed (do not lift them). The march should be smooth and the breath should be regular and deep. Exercise can be done with weights in the palm of your hand.

Exercise for balance

Now it's time to warm up your legs, arms and shoulders. We do this exercise, standing slightly apart, with the left leg slightly extended. The left hand, on the other hand, holds the weight at shoulder height, and the elbow is pointing downwards. With the right hand (with a weight) we make a blow up, at this time we can climb on toes and descend to the heel. We do 10 repetitions for each shoulder. Remember to exercise with caution, keep calm.