Bio Oil - a very popular way to stretch marks, but is it effective?

Bio Oil - a very popular way to stretch marks, but is it effective?

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Bio Oil is popular oil for stretch marks, reviewed on many websites, evaluated by bloggers. On the one hand, very famous, and on the other, often disappointing. What is the truth about him?

Will Bio Oil improve the condition of the skin? Will he protect her from scars? Here is our review.

Bio Oil, or what?

Bio Oil is specialist care oil created for dry skin, thinking about scars, stretch marks, removing uneven color, dealing with the problem of aging and dehydrated skin.

According to the manufacturer, it can be applied on face and body, it is quickly absorbed hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. May be used in pregnancy - not from the first weeks, but from the second trimester. It cannot be applied to damaged skin. Although it does not cause side effects, irritations, it should be borne in mind that in rare cases they appear and then you should stop using the preparation.

What is the truth about Bio Oil? Are all the manufacturer's promises fulfilled in this product?

Who is Bio Oil for?

The manufacturer recommends Bio Oil for:

  • old and new scars - effects visible after a minimum of three months of regular use
  • anti-stretch prophylaxis during pregnancy and during periods of rapid growth,
  • skin with discoloration formed on a hormonal basis, or caused by the influence of sunlight,
  • skin aging in the prevention of wrinkles.

After opening Bio Oil can be used for 3 years. It's a long period - which is definitely an advantage of this product.

Bio Oil - our impressions

Bio Oil is available in two packages - smaller with a capacity of 60 ml and larger - 200 ml. The product is quite efficient, even a smaller bottle is enough for several months (when used on a small area, for example, scars, twice a day - as recommended by the manufacturer). Also the price - about PLN 30 for 60 ml of the product ceases to deter so much when we will consider performance. This is one of the undoubted advantages of this oil.

Bio Oil

The product indeed smells nice. Does not stick, is not greasy, quickly absorbed into the skin, that's why its application is not troublesome. Until then, delight in the product is understandable. After repeated use of Bio Oil on stretch marks after pregnancy, you can notice the effect of the preparation, the skin is smoother, more delicate, the scars are whiter. Of course, they do not disappear completely, this is unlikely to be expected from any specifics acting locally. However no moisturizing effect is to be expected from this type of product.

Bio Oil

Why is Bio Oil NOT a HIT in our opinion?

Due composition of the drug. It is quite long, we will find a lot here fragranceswhich are responsible for the beautiful aroma, but at the same time may cause allergy. When you analyze the formula, it's hard to believe that the preparation costs so much.

In the first place is paraffin (paraffinum liquidum) - quite a controversial ingredient that is talked about with many question marks. The official position, however, is that it is a substance safe, cheap and good. And that's what this is about, this one feature - paraffin is cheap, it is the basis of many olives for children, very popular, so it is difficult to find something special and revealing in it.

The formula of the preparation, apart from the "breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil", which is responsible for light and non-greasy texture, is average. You can't refuse the convenience of using the oil, but it's a bit too little ...

Overall rating: