End of Huggies diapers?

End of Huggies diapers?

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Kimberly-Clark, a Huggies diaper company, is withdrawing from diaper production from all European countries except Italy. There have been plans to close large factories in the UK, sell factories in Spain, and sell other facilities throughout Europe. The Velvet brand is also to be offered for sale.

The manufacturer intends to focus on baby care products, moisturized and dry toilet paper, and plans to increase limping sales in segments that are best rated by consumers. The changes are to be carried out by the end of 2013. With their introduction, more than 1,500 people are to lose their jobs, and most Huggies diapers will disappear from stores.

Tristram Wilkinson, vice president of the company in the United Kingdom, indicates that the reason for the change is "lack of customer loyalty to Huggies products". Wilkinson explains in the justification that the reason is also a competitive market, in which the 18-year diaper's "seniority" and the large amounts put into the promotion proved to be insufficient. Huggies swim diapers and Huggies Drynites night panties and Pull-Ups will remain on sale.

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