Do you need to wash your stuffed animals? And when to do it?

Do you need to wash your stuffed animals? And when to do it?

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There are two schools. One says about the obligatory washing of everything (even new things) that are to be surrounded by the baby. The second one is less restrictive and assumes cleaning of things only when they get dirty. And at the outset there may be doubts. Do you have to wash everything that has contact with your baby's skin? The baby explores the world with his mouth, so should a new teddy bear be washed before we give it to the child? Do you need to wash your stuffed animals? If so, how?

Do you need to wash new stuffed animals?

While it is natural to wash and burn a teether or rattle before giving it to an infant, throwing a newly purchased teddy bear into the washing machine is not obvious to everyone. On the packaging of many rattles is information about the need to wash and burn. You won't find similar tips on mascots. So what to do? Wash a teddy bear smelling a store?

It is difficult to unequivocally decide. It is worth listening to yes and no. First of all, it is worth washing a new teddy bear, because we never know who and with what hands touched the toys in the store. Stuffed animals lie or stand "loosely" on shelves, they are rarely stored in protective packaging, hence their soft material can be full of various types of bacteria. That is why, as it is recommended to wash reusable diapers, underwear and clothes before use, it is also worth washing stuffed animals.

Anyway, similar caution is indicated not only in the context of children, but also adults. Before the first use, it is recommended to wash underwear, towels, i.e. all things that will come in direct contact with the skin.

Are there any arguments saying that washing new stuffed animals is an exaggeration? Yes, such voices also appear. The main argument is "no" for raising children in sterile conditions. In the opinion of many people, washing new bears is also pointless if older children are to play with them.

When to wash stuffed animals?

Of course, the decision on when and how often to wash stuffed animals belongs to each parent. However, it is worth considering washing when:

  • a soft toy gets a baby,
  • the toy can be easily washed,
  • a small child gets a toy that until then was in the basement, in the attic,
  • toy, objectively speaking, needs refreshing.

How to wash stuffed animals?

Stuffed animals are best machine washed using the "hand wash" program. The safest temperature is 30 degrees, but in most cases 40-60 degrees will also be possible. If you are afraid of damage to the toy, it is worth throwing it into the washing machine in a special bag.

For washing stuffed animals, especially if they are to be toys of an infant or small child, it is worth using a hypoallergenic powder created for young children. Then good dry the toy on the dryer, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. The final step is her careful combing.

The systematic washing of toys is especially important for children suffering from allergies and asthma.