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Ideas for Santa gifts for children

Ideas for Santa gifts for children

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Many a grandmother, aunt or uncle faces a dilemma: what to buy a toddler on Mikołajki, so as not to ruin the wallet and to present something really important and original. How many times can you go to a toddler with a stuffed toy or blocks. Here are some ideas for a gift.

Voucher on time

This gift will surprise every toddler and parent. Even if the child does not fully understand the idea, do not harmbranch.

What is this about? On a decorative piece, whether printed or supplemented with a felt-tip pen enter how much time we want to give to the child. For example: "A voucher for three hours with your beloved aunt to use if needed or without occasion." "Pajama party pass with a toddler." How organize time with the toddler, remains the responsibility of the giver. Such a voucher is also a signal to parents that they too they gain several hours, during which the child is well looked after, and they can relax or take care of their affairs. A voucher is a good Santa gift for parents and children. Ingenious, surprising and it doesn't cost a penny. If we decide to combine it with motivational stickers, we will pay no more than 15 zlotys for the whole.

The so-called option for loved ones that you can combine with interesting Christmas stickers (for example 3D), which the toddler will be able to collect until Christmas Eve, thus gaining recognition for his good behavior and receiving a "bigger" Christmas present.

Santa's outfit

kids they love to dress up. They usually like to play the role of other people. Therefore, at Mikołajki, a great gift will be a children's costume or even a Santa's hat itself, which will allow the baby to play the role of a star and pull gifts out from under the Christmas tree.

When we additionally combine the gift giving with the story of Santa's helpers, we share a story why it is worth helping and that giving is nicer than receiving, the toddler will have a chance to understand the real idea of ​​Christmas.

A plate for you

Puzzles and books

If we are afraid that we will give the child a toy they already have, it is worth to bet on products that are never too many. They will be a great idea puzzles with your favorite characters from fairy tales or booklets, even if the Christmas stories are popular before Christmas. Depending on the type chosen, we will pay an average of 20-50 zlotys for each of the gifts. And the selection is huge and easily available in virtually every store.

Cutlery for the boy

Ideas for a gift for you

How much problem does feeding a fussy eater know, I have many all over the world. If you are going to the house where the eater lives, you can try to remedy this. On sale are interesting products created for children avoiding food: for example Food Face plate for eaters (price 49 zlotys) or cutlery cutters (about 45-65 zlotys depending on the store).

For a little purgatory

If a toddler has problems to persuade him to take a bath or has bad associations with splashing in the bathtub, it is worth that Mikołaj think about convincing the toddler to take care of hygiene on a daily basis. We will receive for about PLN 20 bath markers, set of six pieces of different colors, thanks to which the toddler will be able to draw while bathing, and after playing everything will be easy to wash. Markers are completely safe. Intended for children over 3 years.

Other idea? This time it can be helpful for a baby who is reluctant to brush his teeth special brush holder, with your favorite toddler character. If a little helper befriends the brush, maybe a child will also follow him? If Santa also keeps his fingers crossed firmly, who knows ... :)

Winter songs or Christmas carols

Babies usually like songs, especially if they can dance and sing with them, even in their own way. Many stores offer Christmas carols or winter songs performed by children. The cost is usually not higher than PLN 50.

Bath markers

Board games

Their disadvantage or advantage is that they require the presence of a parent. Independent play is possible only when the child is at school age, and with what you have to admit honestly, the toddler does not always accept it. That is why it is worth setting up that the parents will also play the game. Therefore, it is worth choosing it in such a way that no one is bored while having fun.