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Stupid pregnancy superstitions - superstitions that are still fine

Stupid pregnancy superstitions - superstitions that are still fine

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Although it is well known that belief in superstition makes no sense, still many folk "truths" are perfectly fine. You can approach them from a distance, make fun of them ... However, still a lot of women and men follow the controversial recommendations just in case. Yes, so as not to tempt fate. Here is our subjective review of the dumbest superstitions. Do you know them all?

  1. A pregnant woman should not hear announcements in the church because she may give birth to a deaf child. It is good that in some parishes the priest does not preach, he only hangs.
  2. A pregnant woman should be careful with washing the dishes. It's best if you don't do it at all. Why? Because if she splashes her stomach, her child will be an alcoholic. Therefore, you must have a dishwasher in pregnancy.
  3. Absolutely should not hang the laundry, because the child will wrap the umbilical cord. Help from others is necessary.
  4. In pregnancy, you must not regulate your eyebrows, because the child will be born without them.
  5. Absolutely do not dress in black, because a black child will be born. We are curious about the genesis of this superstition.
  6. A pregnant woman, seeing a fire, should not touch her skin with her hand, because in the place she touched, the birthmark may appear in the child after delivery.
  7. A woman expecting a child should not be godmother. Why? Because one child will take health from another.
  8. During pregnancy you must not wear make-up, because the child will be ... a transvestite.
  9. A woman should not look in the keyhole, because the child will be born blind or with a squint ...
  10. A pregnant woman should not wear a chain around her neck, because the baby will be wrapped in an umbilical cord.

Do you know other pregnancy superstitions?