Modified milk: when and what?

Modified milk: when and what?

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It is not always possible to breastfeed. Then, the administration of modified milk is considered, assessing individual products in terms of their adaptation to the needs of the child. Often the first decision in this respect made by parents or pediatrician can be incorrect. That is why it happens that milk is exchanged for ones that are tastier for a child or more suited to their needs. Below is a small guide on choosing modified milk.

Starting milk for healthy babies

Served from the first month of life, for example Bebiko 1, Bebilon 1, Gerber 1, Humana 1, Milumil 1, Milumil HA (hypoallergenic, i.e. mixtures containing cow's milk proteins with a slight degree of hydrolysis, most often used in children at risk of food allergy) , Nan HA 1.

Next milk for healthy babies

Another type of milk is given from the age of five. These are, similarly to the ones mentioned above, Bebiko 2, Bebilon 2, Gerber 2, Humana 2, Milumil 2, Nan HA 2.

Milk replacers for sick infants

  • allergy to cow's milk proteins - Most often, allergy is not associated with persistent lactose intolerance, which is why specialists usually recommend Bebilon Pepti. However, if there is a justified danger of lactose intolerance, non-lactose preparations, e.g. Nutramigen, are usually recommended. Soy preparations (e.g. Prosobee 1 and 2, Bebilon Soybean 1 and 2, Humana SL, Isomil are sometimes used. Unfortunately, children allergic to cow's milk protein sometimes they are also allergic to soy (this is the case in about 60% of cases).
  • allergy to cow's milk proteins and persistent and severe lactose intolerance - in the Bebilon Pepti site, which contains 2.5 g of lactose per 100mL, Nutramigen, Pregestimil, Bebilon Pepti MCT, Alfare are recommended.
  • chronic diarrhea, severe celiac disease, cholestasis, children with increased energy needs, with malabsorption syndrome: milk, which in the composition contain MCT fats (easily digestible fats naturally found in breast milk and in ... coconut milk). Examples include: Pregestimil, Bebilon Pepti MCT and Alfare. MCT fat milk is not suitable for children who are allergic to cow's milk proteins. You can get them on prescription.
  • low and extremely low birth weight - most often in such situations it is recommended: Alprem FM 85, Bebilon Nenatal, nenatal, Bebilon BMF, Humana 0. In the case of supplementing breast milk, doctors usually recommend the preparations Bebilon BMF and Alprem FM 85.
  • intestinal infection and transient increased lactose intolerance: Low-lactose Bebilon, which contains only 1.3 g lactose per 100 mL.
  • persistent lactose intolerance: e.g. ProSobee 1,2, Soy Bebilon 1,2, Humana SL and Isomil. The preparations contain isolated soy protein enriched in methionine. The preparations can also be used for healthy infants from vegetarian families.
  • chronic fat diarrhea (pancreatic insufficiency, cystic fibrosis, short bowel syndromes): Pregestimil, Bebilon pepti MCT, Alfare, Humana MCT
  • phenylketonuria - Lofenalac, XP Analog, P-AM Universal (as an add-on from 5 months of age).
  • galaktezomia - preparations that do not contain galactose and lactose are recommended: Nutramigen, ProSobee1, Soybean Bebilon 1,2, Humana SL, Isom.