The "For Mother and Baby" program of Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacies

The "For Mother and Baby" program of Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacies

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Winter is not a light period for our pockets. Especially when it comes to the amount of money left in pharmacies. Even if we do not have to buy antibiotics, we often reach for various types of strengthening preparations or dietary supplements for ourselves or children. In addition, it turns out that more and more of us are buying specialized cosmetics for children at the pharmacy, whose list of advantages is long, while the biggest disadvantage is their price. It is therefore worth looking for savings in this topic. An interesting solution seems to be the "For Mother and Baby" program implemented by the Dbam O Zdrowie pharmacy network.

The program is mainly targeted to pregnant women as well as having children under 5 years of age. You can join him both via the website and on the spot in the pharmacy. I chose the latter solution. To get the card, all you had to do was enter your name, date of birth, date of birth or planned date of delivery and address. Optionally, other information (e.g. phone number or email address) was completed. When collecting the card, we also receive a free issue of the magazine 'Your Baby'. The next numbers (while stocks last) are to be received with subsequent purchases after presenting the card.

The program offers access to attractive discounts - up to minus 25% - for selected care and medicinal products for mothers and children, as well as for a portal promoting specialist knowledge on health. Discounts in the current catalog reach up to 40%. The portal includes the Encyclopedia of Medicines, the Encyclopedia of Gynecology and a catalog of doctors and medical facilities around the country. The promotional catalog, available on the program website or in pharmacies, is updated once every three months. It is divided into several parts: Baby Health, Baby Food, Baby Care, Mother's Health and Mother's Care. The total discount is included over 120 products.

On the website you can easily find a DOZ pharmacy or another pharmacy implementing the program closest to our place of residence. A plus is the fact that there are quite a lot of them. Unfortunately - almost all of them are located in larger cities, which can make life difficult for mothers from smaller towns and villages.

For regular participants of the program for Mother and Baby, the organizer and partners have prepared special promotions for products and services for parents and children.

The action partner is, among others LuxMed, which for program members has prepared attractive discounts on Vaccination Packages - Health for 5, Health for 5+ and Health for 6, which are in fact mini medical subscriptions.

For parents who plan to vaccinate children with combined vaccines and rotavirus vaccines anyway, it is a real saving. On an annual package they can save even over PLN 750 compared to standard packages in LuxMed. In addition, the subscription price includes 5 visits to specialist doctors (including a pediatrician, neurologist, urologist, dermatologist or ENT specialist), basic laboratory tests (5 tests), selected outpatient procedures (25 procedures) and a 10% discount on other services LuxMedu. The downside are the so-called hidden costs. It turns out that for each visit (pre-vaccination and specialist) one should pay PLN 20 each. Then it turns out that instead of PLN 550, as it is posted on the portal, in the case of the lowest package we have to pay PLN 710 in the end. However, the package prices are already listed in the catalog.

To sum up - if we shop in this pharmacy network and choose specific products on the program, you can save a lot. Similarly, if our child has dermatological problems - for most specialized care products there is a 10-20% discount. Compared to other loyalty programs, this proposal seems to be really interesting.

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