Snowman with balloons. Christmas handcrafts

Snowman with balloons. Christmas handcrafts

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In We teach you how to make a beautiful and colorful design of Frosty or snowman with balloons. A very easy and fun craft to make that can decorate your home during Christmas or at a birthday party.

Follow these step by step instructions to do this cute snowman and have a great time. Merry Christmas!

  • 2 R12 balloons
  • 2 black R5 balloons
  • 2 red R5 balloons
  • 2 twister 260 balloons
  • 1 6-inch GeoFlor

1. Inflate the black R5 balloons to about 3 inches and perform the apple technique, these will help us to make the frosty buttons.

2. Inflate the R12 Balloons, one to ten inches and the other to nine inches, to make a double as shown in the figure, which will form the body and the head.

3. Inflate the geoflower, before filling it with air put a little water on it, which will serve as ballast or weight.

4. Do some curling as seen in the figure.

5. Take one of the curling pins (red color) and tie it at the junction of the R12 balloons, this will help support the head of the frosty.

6. Blow up an R5 balloon to about 3 inches and tie it to the green curling.

7. Glue the buttons to the largest balloon (The one calibrated at 10 inches), inflate a red R5 balloon to make the nose of the frosty and glue it to the smallest balloon (EL calibrated at 9 inches)

8. Glue the frosty to the base and glue your hat, and with an indelible marker make beautiful eyes and mouth.

Note: Remember to use balloon glue (Ruber Cement acid free) or Glue Dot.

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