Being a loving mother is not spoiling your children

Being a loving mother is not spoiling your children

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There are mothers of many types: protective mothers, counselors, permissive, 'worrying', demanding ... There are soft and also loving mothers, or the so-called 'kissing mothers'.

The latter (the 'kissing' mothers) are highly criticized. Many are cloying the fact that they are on top of their children all day. Nevertheless, experts highlight the benefits of being a caring mother (which is not the same as permissive). Here you are.

Often in the rush and stress of everyday life, we forget the most important thing: love. It's more: show that you want. A hug and a daily kiss to our children should be as important as a good breakfast. Or not? Psychologists defend the importance of showing affection to children and remember that affection never spoilsBut the lack of limits and discipline. Loving mothers get:

1. Strengthen the bond with your children: Nothing like affection to strengthen the bond between mothers and children. There will be greater confidence of the child towards his parents, which benefits education. A child who trusts his parents will be more obedient and abide by rules and limits with fewer problems.

2. Improve your children's self-esteem: A child who feels wanted and loved constantly feels more secure. You can never give too much affection. What really makes a child pushy and self-esteem too high is the lack of limits.

3. The child feels protected: The mother's affection makes her son feel really protected against adversity. That gives you strength and increases your self-esteem. What adult doesn't feel indestructible when in love? A child, feeling really loved, feels that he has more strength to face the obstacles that may appear along his path.

4. Improve communication: A child who feels loved has no problem talking to his mother about any topic. It benefits and improves communication and this has a positive impact on their education.

5. Helps you be more outgoing: Loving mothers help their child overcome fear and shyness when it comes to relating to others. It has been shown that the most outgoing children and with the least fear of rejection are those in whose homes there are constant displays of affection.

6. Improve your emotional intelligence: Who is smarter, the child who gets good grades or the one who is able to manage their emotions and use them to their advantage? Emotional intelligence makes a child happy. The other intelligence simply makes you have a good resume. A caring mother helps her child better manage his emotions and better tolerate frustration.

7. They will be loving towards others: Caring mothers will make their children more empathic with others and show more love and understanding for their peers. They will have less trouble expressing their emotions.

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