How is your child according to his writing

How is your child according to his writing

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What is your child's handwriting like? ... Big and round? Small and cursive? With a lot of flourish? Despite the fact that calligraphy directs children to make a round and easy-to-read school letter, there is a natural tendency to end up making a more personal letter and according to our way of being.

Graphology is the science that studies the relationship between writing and the psychology of people. According to graphologists, depending on the handwriting of our children we can know more about their behavior, their feelings, their emotions or their thoughts.

Has it happened to you that you have not always written the same? My handwriting went from being more or less intelligible to a series of uneven lines and without any kind of concert, what is commonly referred to as "doctor's handwriting". Will I be a disorderly pathological according to graphology? Rather, my analysis is that the rush and lack of writing practice as my fingers type constantly have taken a toll on my writing.

And is that graphology values ​​the current moment of the person who writes, since we do not always write the same and our calligraphy depends on our mood, worries, fatigue ...

To properly assess the personality of your child according to his writing, a graphological study would be necessary, in which order, dimension, shape, pressure, speed, inclination, direction and continuity are assessed. There are many analyzes to be carried out, but as a game, we are going to give you some brushstrokes that relate the letter of your child and his way of being:

- Large print: they like to have others aware of them, they have a greater egocentricity than other children and they need to attract attention. They are vain and have a certain inferiority complex disguised as the opposite.

- Medium font: they are extroverted children with a lot of vitality. They have an emotional balance and accept each other with their good and bad things.

- Small letter: These children like to go unnoticed, they prefer to observe than to participate. If it is excessively small, it corresponds to children with low self-esteem or a poor vision of themselves.

- Letter tilted to the rightIf the inclination is very exaggerated, they are children with little patience who easily lose their nerves, if it is a slight inclination, they are affectionate children with good synthesis capacity.

- Vertical letter: These children tend to control their emotions well, are loving, stable and mature.

- Letter tilted to the left: they are discreet and reserved children. They act prudently and are often insecure.

- Children who write very fast: They are mentally agile, extroverted, enterprising and independent, but they also lack concentration and are impatient.

- Children who press the pencil a lot: they have confidence in themselves and the need to control everything.

- Children with little pressure on the pencil: they have a great imagination but they are more unstable and insecure.

And what about the famous "I" dot? Some boys put points, others rounds, some girls even hearts and there are those who go so fast that they do not put anything. The rounds indicate immaturity, the hearts, extravagance and kitsch, and the one who always puts it on is detailed and meticulous. There is nothing!

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