A child born in an amniotic sac

A child born in an amniotic sac

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This situation is very rare. That is why the photo that the Greek doctor published on his profile on FB is even more amazing. A baby born by caesarean section was extracted from the belly in an amniotic sac. Without being aware that it was just born.

The amniotic sac usually breaks alone during delivery. Occasionally, it breaks out during labor induction. Similarly happens during cesarean section. It is extremely rare for doctors to bring a baby out of the womb "properly intact" in its natural environment. The toddler is not aware that he is being born.

This is neither threatening nor disturbing. Only when the amniotic sac is punctured does the child begin to breathe. Until then, you can see the baby in his natural "home" in which he stayed for nine months.

Awesome right?