The ten prettiest girl names for 2017

The ten prettiest girl names for 2017

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When you discover that you are going to have a baby, a beautiful adventure full of choices to make begins before you. One of them is to decide the name for your baby.

If you are going to have a girl, surely you are thinking for her to choose the most beautiful name among all the names, therefore in We have selected special names that will be a trend in 2017 and, do not hesitate, they are precious names.

Lucy: A very beautiful name for many parents, as it is one of the most popular for years. It comes from lux which means light. A name that will make your daughter shine. Saint Lucia, patron saint of the blind, is celebrated every December 13. This name for girls is full of elegance, tradition, delicacy and sophistication.

Maria - a classic name that has not gone out of style over the years. It is of Hebrew origin and comes from maryam, which means "beloved of God." Is one of the most popular names for girls in the world Western and we can find it in other variants Marie in French or Mary in English.

Martina: a beautiful name of Latin origin that has become very popular in recent years. It comes from mars, which means "consecrated to Mars, god of war." Martina, therefore, is a girl with inner strength and personality, confident and charismatic. His male version is Martín.

Daniela: for many years its male version was more frequent: Daniel, however, today is one of the most popular names for girls. It comes from Latin, from din and El (Elhoim), which means "God is my judge." The personality that the name conveys to the girl makes Daniela a happy and fun girl.

Carla: a lovely name of German origin which comes from karl and means "strong, courageous". This feminine formula of Carlos is very typical in Italy and began to become very popular in Spain and Latin America from the 70's. Carla is a name full of elegance, sophistication and class.

Alba: a name whose origin is not entirely clear, some believe that it is Latin and others Indo-European. The meaning of this beautiful name is "dawn", it is the first light of day and rebirth. A name for a jovial, cheerful, generous and outgoing girl. Alba celebrates her name day on August 15, the date on which Nuestra Señora del Alba and the Virgen del Alba are celebrated.

Valentina: a very popular name especially in its male version, and that is that Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. Its origin is Latin and comes from valens which means "brave, from the family of the Valentines". A lovely name for a strong girl with a big heart.

Paula: did you know that it is the feminine form of Pablo? Although it seems like a modern name, it has a long tradition, since the saints list includes several saints with this name, some of them from the 4th century. It is of Latin origin and comes from paulus, which means "small, weak". It has some variants like Paulina or Paola, equally beautiful names.

Julia: a beautiful name of Latin origin that means "of strong roots" or "the one that belongs to the Julia family". A very beautiful name with a long tradition. He celebrates his saint on July 15 and is a very international name since we find it in other western countries such as Julie, Juliet, Juliana, Julieta or Jullienne.

Sofia: a name of Greek origin, it comes from sophia which means "wisdom". Hagia Sophia was a 2nd century martyr who is worshiped in the beautiful Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. A name with other variants like Sophie or Zosia in Polish. A name that conveys mystery and intelligence.

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