Daughters of strict mothers will be more successful

Daughters of strict mothers will be more successful

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There are mothers of many types: protective mothers, nagging mothers, softer mothers and more ... 'sergeant'. And evidently, all children would choose without hesitation the soft and good-natured mother, who never scolds and always forgives. But she may not be the best mother, at least for her children's future.

A study has just shown that from the most demanding and tough mothers ... more successful children are born. We explain why.

All children fear mothers who constantly scold, that demand a lot and that they do not even think twice when it comes to punishing and fulfilling the punishment to the letter. However, they still do not know that thanks to those mothers, when they grow up, they will have much easier to achieve success in any challenge that arises.

The latter has been demonstrated by a study carried out by psychologists from the University of Essex, in England. The evolution of more than 15,000 girls between the ages of 13 and 14 was analyzed over six years. That is, until they were 20 years old. And yes, all girls.

The study found that most of the girls who had had a strict mother, had managed to enter the best universities and they got a job even before finishing school. A job with a good salary. In addition, of all the girls analyzed, those who had strict mothers were less likely to become pregnant during adolescence, as they focused more on studies.

It is all very well to let your children free, yes, but up to a point. Limits are necessary when one is learning. It's as if you suddenly wanted to learn to be a pastry chef and no one told you how to do it, or why you shouldn't go overboard with the quantities ... or why you shouldn't do things that you would love to do ... but that would have terrible consequences. Limits, therefore, are necessary. The reasons?

1. Children have rights, but also obligations. Respecting the rules helps them understand this. And incidentally, to exercise the value of respect for parents.

2. It helps them to be more disciplined. Free will certainly brings chaos. To organize, a child needs someone to guide him, to mark a discipline and a path for him.

3. Helps them change behavior that does not benefit them. No one is born knowing what is right and what is wrong. It is the parents who have the responsibility to tell the child what is allowed and what is not. The limits mark that fine barrier that must not be exceeded. And even if it is difficult for them to understand it, over time they will understand that in the end the limits are not set to annoy them and make the path more complicated, but so that they do not leave it and get to the goal without problems.

Remember that the limits must be balanced and fair. Everything in excess is bad. Nor too many limits benefit a child. Right in the middle is virtue.

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