Bebi soap flakes

Bebi soap flakes

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Bebi soap flakes are an alternative alternative to traditional children's washing powders, which is to be used by young mothers for washing nappies, children's underwear and clothes. The product has been dermatologically and clinically tested. It does not contain detergents, enzymes, fragrances and dyes.

Soap flakes used by our grandmothers (the Bebi brand exists since 1949) today they also find a group of supporters. They can be used for Hand wash or in the washing machine. However, they have the disadvantage that they are poured directly into the washing machine drum after having thoroughly dissolved them in hot water (which, by the way, is not so simple again).

At lower temperatures during washing it happens that remain on clothing, which forces you to put your clothes back in the washing machine (and increases the washing costs). To avoid this problem, pour the flakes into really hot water (preferably into a bottle) and mix thoroughly by shaking the bottle several dozen times. For people who value time and convenience - a rather uncomfortable way to use ...

Soap flakes can be used at any temperature, starting from the lowest and ending at 95 degrees. Plus for a delicate fragrance and the fact that the petals are gentle on both mother's and baby's skin. Unfortunately, the minus for that they cannot handle major soiling. I recommend using them for dirt after milk, or to prepare a layette for your toddler. Over time, when carrot or dinner stains come, removing them with these flakes can be quite heavy.

200 gram packaging for 5 PLN lasts for about four washing cycles in a washing machine.

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