The cheapest diapers, dishes and desserts for children

The cheapest diapers, dishes and desserts for children

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There is always a good time to save. The more so because the prices of products for children and parents differ significantly in individual stores. Check where you can buy the cheapest products for the youngest and where to go shopping in the coming days.


  • Nestle yoghurts and desserts for children in Real PLN 8.99 per pack. The product is available at the same price in Rossmann with the Rossna card.
  • Hipp juice or nectar for children in Real at 3.19 PLN per item
  • milk-rice porridge for children Bobovita in Real available at a price of 6.99 PLN per packaging.
  • BoboVita baby porridge in Carrefour at PLN 6.79 for one pack, and the other at PLN 3.40.
  • Babydream porridge for Rossmann with Rossna card for PLN 4.99.
  • Babydream dessert 250 g with Rossna card for PLN 3.99.
  • Gerber children's dishes and soups in Real at a price of PLN 4.79 per packaging of 190 g.
  • any Gerber dinner 250 grams in Rossmann for 6.49 zlotys and the other 50% cheaper (with Rossna card).
  • Hipp dishes for children in Real we will receive for PLN 4.99 (packet of 220 grams). However, in Rossmann with the Rossna card we can get them for 4.69 zlotys instead of 5.49 zlotys.
  • We will receive the BoboVita 125 g dish at Tesco for PLN 12 for 4 packages.
  • two Bebiko milk in Rossman with Rossna card for PLN 25.99.


  • Pampers Active Baby diapers in Real for 54.95 PLN.
  • Helen Harper diapers in Carrefour for PLN 21.19.
  • any pack of Pampers Giant Pack diapers at Rossmann at PLN 65.99 plus a pack of Pampers wipes at PLN 1.
  • Wet baby wipes Pampers Active Baby 6 packages in Real for PLN 26.95.
  • liquid for washing or rinsing children's clothes Bobini in Real at a price of PLN 7.50 per 1 liter.
  • Lovela washing products (1.5 liter liquid or 1.8 kg powder) at PLN 17.99 instead of PLN 24.99 at Tesco.
  • Huggies wet wipes in Kaufland at PLN 3.99 per pack (we pay 41% less)
  • Tami Baby wet wipes in Net price PLN 3.49. The same handkerchiefs in Real, one package for PLN 6.49 and the other for a penny.
  • We will receive cosmetics for Bobini atopic skin in Real at 22.29 PLN (one package) and the other for a penny.
  • Babydream breast pads 30 pieces in Rossmann for PLN 4.99 instead of PLN 6.79.
  • Liliputz moisturized paper for children 2 × 60 pieces in Rossmann at a price of 6.99 PLN instead of 8.49 PLN.
  • any Hipp cosmetic at Rossmann for PLN 14.99 and Hipp cream 20 ml to pick up at the counter for free (with Rossna card).
  • Babydream petals 60 pieces in Rossmann for PLN 4.99 instead of PLN 6.49 (with Rossna card)
  • Nivea Baby (shampoo or lotion) in Rossmann at PLN 13.99 for 500 ml (with Rossna card).

Accessories and toys

  • children's raincoat (pink or blue) at Net price PLN 12.99
  • safety gate for stairs in Net price PLN 89.99.
  • Belinge SP Ferrari car seat (9-36kg) in Net price for 199 PLN.
  • Wader wheelbarrow in Real for PLN 29.95
  • play tent with 30 balls in Real for PLN 69.95 instead of PLN 89.
  • trampoline at Tesco diameter 244 cm at a price of 379 PLN instead of 599 PLN.
  • playing a drum at Tesco for PLN 43.99 instead of PLN 62.99.
  • wooden train at Tesco for PLN 44.99 instead of PLN 89.99.
  • scooter (two wheels) at the Polo Market for 119 PLN.
  • inflatable jumping tube 149 zlotys in Carrefour.
  • 160 × 200 bedding for children in Rossmann at PLN 59.99 instead of PLN 69.99.
  • Avent soother (0-6m) in Rossman with Rossna card for PLN 22.99 instead of PLN 26.99.
  • Hello Kitty blanket in Rossmann for PLN 19.99 instead of PLN 23.99.
  • slide (3 steps) in Biedronka for PLN 99.

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Net 22-28.04.2013
Real 25-30.04.2013
Tesco April 25-29, 2013
Polo Market 24/04 - 30/04/2013
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Rossmann from 26/04/2013
Biedronka from 22.04.