Children working: that has to stop!

Children working: that has to stop!

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I know that it seems easy to say that children should not work, especially when not far from where we live there are families that are really hungry and that, although contrary to their own will, they push their young children to work. And I wonder: Who are responsible for that? Who are the real culprits for not respecting the signed rights and protecting these little creatures? Their families, us, the governments ... Have you ever thought about it?

When news and images come to me of children being exploited in mining, in construction or living on the streets, my heart sinks and I feel very, very powerless. What are rights for if they are not enforced? Absolutely everything is missing for many children: access to education, a birth record, health care, attention, affection ... and above all, respect.

At World Day Against Child Labor 2016 the motto is: 'Eliminating child labor in production chains is everyone's business'.

The International Labor Organization reveals that more than 250 million children should be playing and learning in school and working. A large part of them, involved in dangerous work, that is, that which damages the health, safety and morals of the little ones. The highest concentration of hazardous child labor is registered in agriculture, domestic and street work, and in industry (mining, construction ...). A total of 85 million children work in slavery.

Dangerous jobs are those that expose children to physical, psychological or sexual abuse; those that take place underground, under water, at dangerous heights or in confined spaces; those that are carried out with machinery, equipment and tools; those that are carried out in an unhealthy environment where there are dangerous substances and agents or at temperatures or levels of noise or vibrations that are harmful to the health of children. Hazardous work is also considered to be work that involves particularly difficult conditions such as long hours or nights, or work that unjustifiably detains the child on the employer's premises.

One of the objectives of World Day Against Child Labor it is to ensure that all countries draw up their own list of hazardous work and act against it. How? Well, guaranteeing the education of children, combating the poverty that child labor engenders by promoting social protection, guaranteeing decent work for adults and ensuring compliance with the laws against child labor.

Governments have a responsibility to ensure that children of legal age for admission to employment work safely. Surely your son, like mine, have their rights respected, but remember that 'on the other side of the street' there are children who are led, by the need to survive, to find a life putting their own health at risk. Let us make our children aware of the need to end that. Maybe when they grow up, they can fight child labor more effectively, although it would be best if in the future all this was simply a sad and painful 'story' of history.

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