10 tricks for children to overcome the heat

10 tricks for children to overcome the heat

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When the thermometer exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, there is no choice but to take out all the 'anti-heat' weapons that we have: refreshing drinks, hydrating foods ... look for a pool, shadows, a fountain ... More so in the case of children, who suffer the heat most intensely.

Here are some tips to survive the heat with your children without problem. You will come out unscathed. A little heated, but safe and sound.

When I was little, I slept on the floor. He could not bear the heat that the mattress gave off. She also looked for the coolest area of ​​the house, and sometimes she would sneakily open and close the refrigerator to feel the coolness on her face. I would swell up on ice creams and as soon as I could, I would escape to the pool. Of course, if it had air conditioning, it would not have had to resort to so many tricks.

Babies and children take heat much worse, yes. They are much more sensitive to extreme temperatures. This is because your internal thermoregulatory system is still immature. Their body temperature rises up to five times faster than that of an adult. Therefore, it is necessary to help them as much as possible to cope with the high temperatures and above all, monitor their hydration.

During the hottest days, keep an eye on children's hydration. To avoid sunstroke, we must always have cotton caps on hand, preferably white or light colors (which repel the sun). Never leave your child alone in the car. It's very dangerous. You may suffer from heat stroke. Remember that in just 10 minutes, the car's temperature can exceed the outside temperature by 10 degrees. But also, here are some tips so that your child can enjoy the summer and the heat without problems:

1. Do not abuse air conditioner, but if you have it, you can put it on a little at noon and before going to bed.

2. If you don't have air conditioning, nothing better than a good cold shower. You will be able to lower your child's body temperature quickly.

3. If you have a pool or the possibility of going to one, do not hesitate, it is where your child will be best. With caution, yes. Avoid putting it in the sun in the hottest hours (from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and do not forget to never give it a protective cream about twenty minutes before entering the water. Being in the water does not protect from the sun's rays. Do not forget.

4. Look for the shade. From a tree, from an umbrella ... You can take a parasol with you if you have to walk.

5. If you have free days and the possibility of a getaway, choose a mountain or coastal area during the hottest days. There the temperatures are milder.

6. Forget jeans these days. Dress your children in light cotton clothes, that they perspire and make them sweat less. If they are light in color, the better.

7. Ice creams are refreshing and also ... children love it !! Try making them yourself at home: you just have to freeze fruit juice.

8. Give your child water, even if he doesn't ask for it. You have to drink more, and if possible, water. Although some soft drinks contain more mineral salts that can help keep the child hydrated.

9. A fun and refreshing game for children: play to dodge sprinklers. If the night is hot, find a sprinkler and you are guaranteed fun.

10. At home you can use the fan. It's air, and it doesn't cool the whole house, but at least it relieves a little. And if you leave the house, don't forget the fan. There are smaller ones, so that children can also use them.

Although children also have their resources, to cool themselves and others ... water guns, water balloon war and of course, the shower with a hose. Be careful not to cross his path ... and if not, watch what happens when you leave a child a hose ...

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