Easy peach and apricot ice cream recipe for kids

Easy peach and apricot ice cream recipe for kids

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There is nothing a child likes more in summer than ice cream. But we can take advantage to incorporate fruit. In this way, the ice cream will be much healthier and more nutritious.

We suggest you make an ice cream with two of the children's favorite summer fruits: the peach and the apricot. Add all the benefits of these fruits to your children's snack or dessert. It won't take you long and your kids will love it.

  • 1 natural yogurt
  • Peaches
  • Apricots

Comments: ice cream is very easy to make, and the fruits can be exchanged for others without problems.

1. Open the natural yogurt and empty the contents into another container.

2. Cut the fruit into small pieces.

3. Place the pieces of fruit in the bottom of the yogurt containers that we have previously washed; then add a layer of yogurt; continue placing a layer of fruit and another of yogurt until completing the container.

4. Place the container in the freezer until slightly frozen, remove and place a plastic teaspoon in the center (if you want it to be shaped like a lolly) and return to the freezer.

5. After several hours, remove and let it rest for a few minutes and voila! Enjoy a delicious natural ice cream.

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