What example do you set for your children?

What example do you set for your children?

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Sometimes we do not realize it, but most of the day we are spied on. Some curious little children's eyes vin, listen and write down everything we say and do. The good and bad.

Being an example for children is a maxim in education, psychologists say it and common sense says it. However, we are not perfect and it is possible that throughout the day we make mistakes: we yell at the driver of another car, we miss a curse, we complain about having to work ...

Having those little bugs is normal, we are parents and humans, not machines, but when they are constant we are creating a wrong referent and a negative influence on the child. This is what the video of the Australian NGO tries to explain Child frienly. Throwing garbage on the ground, smoking, drinking, yelling at children, being violent ... These are attitudes that our children will inherit and reproduce. How can we scold the child for yelling at his brother if we yell at him?

The stress and the whirlwind of the day to day makes us stop little to think about how we do it, what kind of parents we are, if we are making mistakes or there is something to improve. We may sometimes realize in the moment that we have not been a good example but we do not stop to talk to our children about it or ask for forgiveness.

Trying to tiptoe through our mistakes is not the solution, nor is forgetting them. I believe that it is essential to examine one's conscience in order to improve and give our children the best example. Surely if you think about it, there are a few bad examples that you have given your children, I can think of at least three.

And, how can we lead by example if parents also make mistakes?

- We can apologize when our behavior has not been appropriate.

- Give explanations: so that they understand that we had a bad day at work and that is why we said that we did not want to work or that we argued with the driver of the other car because we were afraid that he would hit us.

- Discuss: and explain what the good behavior would have been in each case.

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