Machine to teach children to add

Machine to teach children to add

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We teach you how to make an original and fantastic machine to teach children to add. It is a simple and practical craft, which serves to make mathematics more attractive to the little ones.

Numbers don't have to be boring. With this machine, made with recycled material, math will be fun and children will quickly learn to add.

  • Large cardboard box
  • 2 cardboard rolls
  • Paint, marker and brush
  • Post-it
  • Bowl or plate
  • Plastic caps

1. Paint the cardboard rolls in colors. This way it will be more attractive.

2. Put the name of your adding machine at the top of the card. It can be simply 'Adding Machine'.

3. Now you have to glue the post-it blocks. Between the two, draw the sign of the addition.

4. Glue two small caps underneath the post-its, to later separate the rolls that you painted from the base cardboard. The covers can be glued with cellophane paper.

4. Now glue the cardboard rolls on top of the lids. Be careful, because under the cardboard rolls you must put a bowl. Leave enough room!

5. Glue the flaps of the box. You already have it! In the post-it you will put the sum you want to do.

6. Ask the child to put the number of caps marked on the post-it to solve the sum. The lids will fall into the bowl and at the end you will weigh the child to count how many there are in total.

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