This child has bad habits

This child has bad habits

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I once heard, in the waiting room of a medical consultation, a grandmother say in a loud and good tone to her daughter: 'This boy has bad habits!' She was referring to her grandson, who should be about 5 or 6 years old, who had been biting his nails, sucking his thumb and picking his nose since he came to the office.

That, said through the mouth of a grandmother, in front of unknown people, did not seem correct to me, especially because that does not help the child to get rid of his bad habits. It only serves to feel ashamed and humiliated in front of everyone present. I believe that bad habits must be corrected, but inside the house and by example.

Bad habits are learned by observing and imitating friends, schoolmates, siblings, and parents. The behavior as well as the actions of parents are great schools for their children. It is very easy for a father to tell his son not to swear if he, out of every 5 words he says, is an insult.

I have had a neighbor who was in his twenties and when he sat down to watch television he still kept sucking his thumb. Similarly, there are older people who bite down to their toenails. Bad habits, when not corrected in time, can last a lifetime.

It has always caught my attention, how there are people who love to pick their nose when they are stopped in front of the red traffic light. It sucks me! And how many hands do you squeeze a day from people whose nails seem to be buried under a pile of meat.

It is very easy for parents to scold their children about their bad habits, but if there are parents who keep smoking in front of them, swearing, biting their nails, picking their noses ... what can they complain about?

Let's not forget that children learn by observing and imitating the behavior and actions of their parents. If you do not want your child to have bad habits, be attentive and as soon as you detect any, cut it at the root, do not let it go away. But yes, set the example and do it with a lot of patience and respect, otherwise the results can go completely the other way around.

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