How Children Should Brush Their Teeth

How Children Should Brush Their Teeth

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The teeth usually come out after 6 months, although there are babies earlier and later (the milk teeth follow a different rhythm in each child). At 3 years you child it will have practically all the teeth. Is it time to act or is it too late? When should we wash teeth our son? And at what point should they start brushing themselves?

Teeth are formed in gums long before we see them. Hence the babies spend a long time complaining before they see the peak of their first baby tooth. Many dentists recommend brushing your baby's teeth before they appear. All you have to do is rub his gums with a gauze clean and wet twice a day. It will not take you long, and with this gesture, you will help remove the remains of milk or pap, and above all, the sugar that remains in the baby's gums. You can do it from four months, or as soon as you introduce foods with a high content of sugar on your child's menu, like the fruit porridge wave of cereals.

As for the baby I already have several milk teeth, you can start using a toothbrush with a small head and very soft bristles. Once in the morning and once at night, before going to bed. Do not use yet toothpaste. Just water. This routine will eventually become a healthy habit for your child and he will see it as natural when he grows up.

From the age of two, you can start to introduce the toothpaste in your child's daily brushing. You only need a small amount, about the size of a grain of rice. Take advantage and start telling him how to brush his teeth. It is still small, but little by little it will take practice. With three years the child will earn a lot autonomy and you will be able to brush your teeth by yourself. Don't worry if it doesn't do well at first. You can be with him to show him how to do it. This will prevent them from acquiring mistakes of many Adults: drag the brush horizontally across the teeth (this will only move dirt over the teeth and cause gum problems).

To make sure your kids are cleaning their teeth well, see if they move their hand up and down on the upper teeth and down on the lower ones. Teach him to rinse off good (at first many children swallow the water. Little by little they will be able to spit it out).

Uses toothpaste without fluoride, at least up to 6 years. Dentists advise against it in the first years because the child tends to swallow part of the paste with which the teeth are cleaned. teeth, and the intake of fluorine in large quantities can be dangerous to health and discolor teeth (the so-called fluorosis).

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