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Wilga's 'Vehicles' puzzle book

Wilga's 'Vehicles' puzzle book

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Puzzles are loved not only by kids, but also by adults. It's a toy that helps develop memory and concentration.

Very often, my son and I reach for puzzles, and if they are in the form of a book, then the fun is double. While the child arranges, the parent can read an interesting story, stimulating the baby's imagination.

Recently, we came across the "Vehicles" puzzle book Wilga publishing house. Inside there are vehicles that need to be assembled from a puzzle: a fire truck, a dumper, a crane, an ambulance, a tractor and short interesting stories. The illustrations are interesting and colorful, but at the end of the book delight.

Already on the first attempt to solve the puzzle problems begin. Their proper arrangement requires considerable efficiency and huge amounts of patience. Despite the seemingly easy puzzle (9 elements), you need at least two pairs of hands so that the picture does not fall apart.

The easiest way is with the first puzzle, arranging each subsequent one causes that the first one shifts or deforms, you need to hold each puzzle individually after placing, so as not to destroy the whole. When you manage to arrange the first picture, arranging the next one causes its scattering, just flip the card, and all puzzles spill out of the window, which causes the toddler to get frustrated, but also discourages from further arranging.

Comparing the booklet 'Vehicles' with another similar book, I think the whole problem in a thin cardboard box, from which the puzzle was made, so there is no chance that they would stay in place, and even a small movement deforms them. The booklet is intended for children over 3 years of age due to small elements (although the puzzles are quite large), but even I had a problem to arrange them correctly without spilling them.

Although stories and illustrations in the booklet is interesting, I think the whole product is a putty, because it does not fulfill its basic function, for which we actually buy such a booklet. Arranging the puzzle is very difficult and means that the child will not reach for such a book anymore.