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"Lord of Sex"

"Lord of Sex"

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A sexologist also a human being: one could sum up reading this book with this simple sentence, but I'm afraid that it would not reflect the whole atmosphere. The meeting with Zbigniew Starowicz has a much deeper dimension. The reader has access to what is interesting, because out of reach, shrouded in fog of guesswork, an aura of mystery: looking through the keyhole, he looks at the office of the most famous sexologist in Poland and wanders far beyond his area: he learns that before the world was scientifically interested in sex, Poland has already undergone serious research on this subject. This is quite surprising, especially if we realize that there are only three countries in Europe where you can get a specialization in sexology ...

Lord of education

The lord of sex is essentially the lord of education. The author emphasizes the need to talk about sex with society, especially youth, several times. He notes that despite access to knowledge about sex, young people too often get information from low-quality articles or pornography. They receive contradictory information, which is why they are full of fears, act in the dark in the sphere of sex, without substantive and technical preparation.
Lew-Starowicz, which we also wrote about on the site, in April this year divided the public opinion, drawing attention to the need to educate ... preschoolers. More about this here. However, there is no word in this biography. However, there is a lot of interesting information that can serve as a guide to worried parents of older children.

Homosexuality yesterday and today

It is hard to imagine the feelings that accompany a parent when he learns that his child has "a different orientation from the preference considered in many circles still normal." The confrontation of one's own ideas with reality can be very sad. A visit to a sexologist is one way to deal with the situation. Especially if the parent wants to be sure that the teenager has not been wrong. Lew-Starowicz writes about the methods of "treating" homosexuals, which he used in his offices and about the subsequent decision to remove homosexuality from the list of diseases.

Knock Knock…

In addition to many anecdotes about life, stories from the times of the Polish People's Republic, from the army, from childhood, Lew-Starowicz in a witty, light way talks about visits to his office of priests (he also notes that there are proportionally more homosexuals among priests than in other society) , nuns (who do not cope with libido), politicians (who officially pretend not to know him), businessmen, artists, secret service employees, mafiosis (putting drinks, offering women "to check"). The author devotes a lot of space to a complicated relationship with the Church, describes a meeting with Karol Wojtyła, the future pope. In many respects, the book is surprising, intriguing, read quickly and ... difficult to break away.

You may disagree with the opinions of the author, you may have your own opinions and opinions, not necessarily flattering, but the story presented by Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz is at the same time the history of Poland and sexology, science with many achievements in the country, and for that reason even for a book worth reaching for. I, with the order to read, put the review copy in circulation. Let the Author speak to ... the imagination of others and continue to talk about sexuality. Wickets to the world of sexuality secrets do not close. It stays ajar ... Anyone who wants to look.

Premiere August 15: thank you to the Znak publishing house for providing a copy of the book.